Thursday, May 13, 2010

Six things not to say on a date!

Do you wonder why the hazel or brown or maybe that blue-eyed girl suddenly left you amidst a conversation which you felt was interesting or why the handsome hunk didn’t call you back after the first date? We tell you things you shouldn’t say on a date.

My dog is my first love!
Even if a guy loves pets, he definitely doesn’t want to be fed pet talk on a date. So completely avoid the topic with him - you'll know soon enough that he doesn't share the same passion. Confessed software engineer Prashant Nag, “My first girlfriend was obsessed with her dog. Whenever we met at her place, I had to bear with all the drooling and cajoling. Fearing she might feel hurt, once I requested her to lock her dog inside a room, to which she freaked out. I walked off and never called her again.”

My job sucks!
It is a big turn off to be around a person who’s forever cribbing. If you are not in a good mood, it’s better to cancel the date instead of spending hours sulking and boring the guy to death. “I had a bad day at work and in the evening I had a date with an interesting guy. My mood was so black that I complained the whole evening. He did look bored but after that evening he never took my calls again,” says call center executive Shikha Tikka.

‘I support the Congress’ Guys and girls, it’s time to know that no one wants to know your political inclinations and that too on a date. Stay away from such subjects. The rule is to keep it light and interesting!

‘My parents are pushing me to get married’
It won't be a great start if on the very first date you start reciting your marital dreams. Admits freelance writer Pushkin, “I met this interesting girl at a pub and we started chatting. Soon after, she told me about her sister’s marriage and how her parents are now finding a boy for her. It was such a put off. I soon found my way out of the place, sans her.”

‘I hate chocolates, they are so fattening’
So, you are careful about what you eat? It maybe good for your health and body, but definitely not a good thing to say on your first date. “Knowing that every girl loves chocolate, I took a bar of Swiss chocolate for her expecting her to jump with joy. But she made a sad face and said: ‘You think a person like me will risk eating chocolates?’ And this was not it; she didn’t let me order anything proper,” says college student Satvik Sharma.

‘Don’t drive so slow!’
Don’t hurt a guy’s feelings by telling him ‘you are too adventurous.’